McIlroy at The Masters: He needed a Doctor…

Anyone who has played golf knows how hard it is to keep it together during that 18-hole (3-4+ hour) journey. The battle is mental and physical. Getting into a groove is what we all want, where it feels effortless and things just go your way.

Watching the wheels come off the wagon for wee Rory McIlroy on Sunday was tough. You may have found yourself wincing and covering your eyes. I found myself pacing the room wondering why someone wasn’t intervening.

Don’t let him spiral. Get him to loosen up!

Where’s Bill Murray when you need him?

What McIlroy needed was a doctor.

Not a 911 call, but a Dr. Dre fix.

A few weeks ago, I was really struggling to find my rhythm. I just didn’t feel right. Then it crossed my mind that the wrong song was in my head. From the gym the night before, an annoying Kesha song wormed in and I couldn’t shake it.

Flipping through the presets in my brain, I land on the tune that saved my round:

Dr. Dre – I Need A Doctor (Explicit) ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey

The rest of the round was a blast. I holed out from the fairway. Had great drives. Played the course (using the terrain to my advantage). It was fun.

If only someone had flipped the wee Irish an iPod, the story on Monday might have been different.

Instead, he joins others who have had brutal final rounds. His 80 (8 over par) was in line with Dustin Johnson’s disaster (he led by three strokes heading into the final round of last year’s U.S. Open at Pebble Beach and promptly shot 82).

He handled himself well in the post-round interviews.

“I hung in pretty well on the front nine,” McIlroy said. “I hit a poor tee shot on No. 10 and just sort of unraveled from there. … I’m very disappointed at the moment, but I’ll get over it. I’ll have plenty more chances.”

I’m pulling for him to find a doctor next time things go south.

Now for your enjoyment (and for your next round)…


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