Nabisco Nixes Fig Newton Name

According to a story in The New York Times, Nabisco is dropping the “Fig” in its iconic Fig Newtons.

While this may be a shock to anyone who grew up singing the Fig Newton song (see below), it actually brings the cookie (cake) back to its roots.

When this “fig roll” was introduced in 1891, it was called the Newton. Production took place in a bakery in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston. Newton is another town near Boston.

Reasons for the move to Newton include the number of line extensions Nabisco offers.

According to written reports, the shift came not only because the cookie has for decades been available with other fillings, including strawberry, but also because the fig may “lack the pizazz” of, say, the pomegranate for health-conscious consumers.

Now for your enjoyment, here’s the Fig Newton dance:


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