Ford Fusion Ad: Great Copy, Lousy Payoff…

There was a full page ad in The Wall Street Journal on Monday that caught my eye. It was for the Ford Fusion and the copy is really well-written.

First it takes a swipe at Camry and Accord loyalists who “aren’t the folks we’re speaking to anyway.”

The ad is addressing more “open-minded individuals.” [Ouch!]

It proceeds to talk about how the Ford Fusion did really well in a quality survey — for the third straight year.

Then it breaks out a “Still with us? Excellent. You’re the type of person whose expectations we aim to meet and exceed.” [Very clever!]

I especially liked the bold copy “Detail-oriented” that appears under a magnifying glass.

It closes with “we look forward to meeting you.”

As I said, it was well done. The only total failure is that they didn’t direct you to a 2011 Ford Fusion page. Instead, you are sent to the main Ford site ( and then it takes several clicks to get here.

Heck, I would have followed them on Facebook if they had said said it in the ad. [Bummer!]


Update: For the second year running, the Ford Fusion has come out as the top family sedan pick in Consumer Reports’ list of the 2011 American Top Picks, once again eclipsing the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry in reliability.

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