Rib Tickler: Stewie & Euro See ‘n Say


Do you remember playing with a See ‘n Say® toy when you were a kid? You know, the one where you pull a string and it plays a selection of sounds. I seem to recall working really hard to try to confuse it so it could say mixed up sentences by tugging on the string multiple times in a row or smacking the toy while it was speaking (hey, what did you expect for a kid with a lot of energy and no patience for programmed fun?).

Anyway, a recent Family Guy episode has Stewie playing with a European version of the See ‘n Say. This clip is hilarious.

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  1. peter gladue says:

    Ok, if I recall correctly, you had a Bugs Bunny or a Woody Woodpecker doll and you would pull the string and then bang it against a wall so that the recording would jump all over the place and it would say things that didn’t make any sense (maybe very Zen-like)

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