Seen on TV: The Vanity Card Discovery…

Last Monday there was a lull… a serious lull in our household sports viewing as NHL had not restarted its season (still on its Olympics break) and baseball’s Spring Training games had not yet begun.  That meant… gasp… watching “normal” TV.  Or rather, normal television on as a background task.

The show was “Big Bang Theory,” which has re-runs playing on a number of networks.

The “What the…?” moment came at the end of the show, when the credits were running.

Seen on TV

Seen on TV

It looked like a dissertation or editorial or something.  Using the handy DVR, we decided to rewind and pause.
And we read and read and read…

What the heck is that?

So off to Google we went.

Typing  “chuck lorre big bang theory” led to this suggestion “cbs censors chuck lorre.”

Huh, so it is a rant of some sort.


Google Results

But upon further review, we came upon some interesting posts.

There is a wikia page for Big Bang Theory where an explanation of “Vanity Cards” was given.

At the end of every episode of Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly, Lorre features a vanity card consisting of a message that usually reads like an editorial, essay, or observation on life.

The card is shown for only a few seconds at most, meaning it cannot always be read during its original airing. Lorre also posts his vanity cards on his website,

CBS has censored Lorre’s vanity cards on several occasions.

The uncensored cards can be found on his website.

Aha!  So let’s check out the website.


A look at

This is brilliant!  I may look more closely at the Big Bang Theory and other shows by Lorre.  This is a different sport entirely.


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