Silly Phrases…


We have making note of silly phrases we’ve heard  For example, “Throwing in the tent.”  This is clearly a mash-up of folding the tent and throwing in the towel.

Another one has to do with the Fat Lady:  “It ain’t over until the Fat Lady’s stuck a fork in it.”

And I heard an athlete on the Jim Rome show talk about “360 hindsight.”

Like I said, silly stuff.

So today I see this quote in the paper and it had me scratching my head. Here it is in context:

“This is the time of year when it should be raining like a tall cow,” said Mike Pechner, a meteorologist who owns Golden West Meteorology. “Well, it looks like El Niño may finally be beginning to show its face.”

So I asked my husband if he ever heard of it raining like a tall cow.  He shook his head and suggested I consult Google.

Aha! There were several references to the following:

“Raining like a tall cow pissing on a flat rock.”

Now that makes sense!

So there you have it.  Stay curious my friend.


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  1. Edward Bear says:

    Apparently someone truncated the phrase for the SF Chronicle report without realizing that the partial version made the meteorologist sound like he had lost his mind. I lived in the South for until I was 18, lived in the West for another 40 years and I had never heard that phrase.

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