T-Mobile Does Royal Wedding…

According to AdAge’s Viral Video chart, T-Mobile’s “Life’s for Sharing,” Royal Wedding video has been a spectacular viral hit.

Though there were no official corporate sponsors for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding festivities, that didn’t stop T-Mobile from leveraging the event.

Visible Measures tracked T-Mobile’s uncanny video to the top of the viral list leading up to the wedding with a remarkable 8.5 million views last week. The video was unveiled on April 15 and had 3 million views in just two days. Also noted by AdAge was the 14 million views of related items (copies, responses and spoofs).

Embedded below, the video is a lot of fun. No wonder it was such a viral sensation.

AdAge commented:

What makes “Royal Wedding” especially brilliant is its combination of elements — the spot is derived from a genuine, unplanned viral meme as well as its own uplifting dance-based entertainment formula, all in the context of a timely and much-publicized event.



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