What’s for Dinner? Creative Spin on Thanksgiving…

While most folks were settling into a traditional Thanksgiving meal, I had something way different in mind. My eclectic brain devised a mash-up that was quite good.

It all started with a recipe for Ramen-Crusted Skate I saw in the first ever issue of Lucky Peach.

Ramen-Crusted Skate

I noticed we had some halibut in the freezer that had been packed and put away uncooked. Figured I could thaw it out and do a spin of that recipe.

So a little Wondra, some beaten eggs, some panko and a hot pan were pretty much all that was needed (along with some seasoning for flavor).

To accompany this fine fish, there were oven roasted brussels sprouts, some jasmine rice and for added flavor, a side of kimchi.

For a warm-up snack, there was Dutch Crunch Sourdough bread from the famous San Francisco bakery, Boudin’s .

One of the highlights was the special beer chosen for the occasion.

Yes, that is the name: Hop Stoopid

It was awesome. You can learn more about it below.

For sure this was a different way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Being creative and breaking with tradition is a good thing!


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