Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – 116

The ladies settle into an evening of comfort food, conversation and coincidences.

Showing Some Spunk — Palm Ad Take on Apple

On the back page of Friday’s Wall Street Journal, Palm had a full page ad that had to make Mr. Jobs uncomfortable, not to mention AT&T’s brass. “Your iPhone contract is up. Perfect timing” is how it leads off.  The picture of an apple core with a Palm Pre leaning… more »

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – 115

Fran tells her Lucy tale.

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – 114

While Julie is off hunting for an Internet connection, Gayle and Fran start chopping away, getting dinner prepped. Julie manages to set her feelings of frustration aside as she rejoins the girls and gets the hang of a new activity — chopping wood.

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – 113

The “holiday” truly begins as the girls get in some beach time. A chance encounter with a cute boy triggers a workmare for Julie, while a walk and some beachcombing leads to a discussion about “The Force” and of keeping the channel clear…