Toll House Tales: All Fired Up -101

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up -101  [a Scripel**] The adventure begins… Early morning journal writing, some motivational music and a pre-run ritual…

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – Background

The following provides some background for the “All Fired Up” episode of the Toll House Tales.  Here you will learn more about Fran, Gayle, Doogie, and Julie. >> Fran is at that 7-year post-college period of time (making her just about to cross the threshold into her 30s). Up to… more »

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – The Characters

CAST OF CHARACTERS Fran – 29, program manager (PM) with an excellent track record for getting results Doogie – 36, writer/editor in the marketing communications department; dabbles in scriptwriting on the side Julie – 26, market research specialist; first corporate job, determined to make her mark (and climb the ladder)… more »

Toll House Tales: All Fired Up – Intro

THT: All Fired Up – Introduction This is the story about three young women (ranging in age from mid-twenties to mid-thirties) who end up spending an Autumn weekend together at an Oregon beach house. For two of the women, this is a “welcomed” getaway– serving as an excellent opportunity for… more »

Finger Painting App Covers The New Yorker

Another means for expressing your inner creative has been gaining quite a bit of buzz. The cover of the June 1 issue of the New Yorker magazine was created by the iPhone app artist Jorge Colombo, using Brushes. Developed by Steve Sprang, it is a natural media painting application designed… more »