WowMe: She Gave Me Life. Let’s Celebrate with Dance!

Back in February, Mr Pete’s wrote a wonderful piece that is worthy of a revisit this Mother’s Day. It was inspired by the relationship Bruce Springsteen had with his mother, Adele. Enjoy! -editor

“My Mother is a Woman like no Other.
She gave me life.
She nurtured me.
She taught me.
She dressed me.
She fought for me.
Held me. Shouted at me. Kissed me.
But most importantly…
She loved me unconditionally.
There are not enough words to described just how important
MY Mother is to me and what powerful influence she continues to be.
MOTHER, I Love You!”

I did NOT write that. Rather, it is an unaccredited piece I found on the Internet that seems so appropriate.

I found myself “surfing the ‘net” as I was trying to spark the creative process in my brain as I really wanted to write a perfect introduction to start this piece.

Fate had me stumble across these words that… Wowed me as they truly captured the sentiment in my mind. Some Brave (anonymous) Soul decided to share thoughts about his Mother with the universe (and us!). And I found myself nodding in agreement.

I imagine others “second that emotion” as they ponder those pure, emotional thoughts.

To me, the two common themes are Love and Respect.

With the passing of Adele Springsteen this week at the age of 98, we bared witness to (experienced) numerous video tributes to her, her son BRUCE and to the relationship they had.

In particular, check out this ABC News feature:

The Tribute

And They Danced…

…Like no one else was watching.
Except, we were watching all those videos of them dancing together. Watching. Nodding. Smiling. And in some instances crying tears of joy.

Indeed, to all the mothers who have passed,
It’s time to rest up and give your feet a rest.
But trust us, we will all catch up to you one day
To share that eternal dance, but not this time… not in the Dark
but in the LIGHT of our Love!

That’s a Wrap!

…Or rather, as my editor says: “Pencils down.”

Before we end though, you might want to check out this as it seemed appropriate to pull the Asbury Park Press.

Find yourself a little rock ‘n’ roll bar, and go out and dance…

That’s the word from the Springsteens of Freehold as one of the best ways to honor the late Adele Springsteen, mother of Bruce Springsteen, who passed away Jan. 31 in her Little Silver home at the age of 98 after an extended bout with Alzheimer’s disease. Her husband and Bruce’s father, Douglas Springsteen, passed away in 1998.

The call to dance was included in the family’s obituary for Adele, submitted Feb. 3 to the Asbury Park Press.

Dance “in lieu of flowers.” Memorial donations may be made to the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement (

Thanks for pondering with me (us!) — Mr Pete and Annie (AKA the editor)

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  1. From 2014… very touching!
    Save last dance for me…

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