WowMe: Chapman Appearance, Sly Smile Inspires!

Mr Pete returns with another inspirational WowMe. He caught Tracy Chapman’s return to the Grammy Awards (35 years after she won the Grammy for Best New Artist) and noted her performance with Luke Combs awakened a challenge and desire for the fulfillment of any/all possibilities. With the chaos and distractions of our daily lives, this is a welcomed message. Read/Listen on! -editor

This week, with the performance by Tracey Chapman of her song “Fast Car” during the Grammy awards the World was taken to Church. I don’t mean in a Biblical / Gospel sense but in a spiritual, soul-shaking desire… with a challenge for the fulfillment of any/all possibilities.

That Desire for Freedom, that Dream of a Better Life somewhere.
“Fast Car” was written in in 1987 and released on April 1st, 1988.
[That’s over 35 years ago, folks]

This open invitation is like a silent prayer to her partner in crime.

Join me.

Let’s break away from this madness.
Let’s rise from the ruins of our dreams.
Let us slap the face of fate, TOGETHER…

Sheryl Crow’s song “Soak Up the Sun” mentions:

You might have a fancy car, but I have the key…

Bruce Springsteen sang:

Well, I believe in the Love that you gave me.
I believe in the faith that can save me.
I believe in the Hope and I pray that some day
It may raise me above these BADLANDS…

The common thread?

These are all examples of cries from the Working Class…
Unanswered cries, and one reason why the song “Fast Car” remains a battle cry and a demand:

I am better than this!
Give me the Opportunity…
…the Opportunity to create my Future.

That Sly Smile…

Watching the Grammy video, I felt a punch to my heart. My soul laughed at seeing that flush of pride and sly smile in Chapman’s face.

My soul laughed at seeing that flush of pride and sly smile in Chapmans face.

She finally knew that her brilliantly written/performed song gave people all over the world the strength and courage to survive and challenge another day. For that, I (and we) are grateful!

That’s a Wrap!

…Or rather, as my editor says: “Pencils down.” Thanks for reading and listening! Please scroll down for some bonus clips. -Mr Pete


This pay-walled piece from The Atlantic has some notable quotables:

An excerpt:

People across an angry and divided nation were given a magical, unifying moment on Sunday, Peter Wehner writes. We needed it.

Tracy Chapman returned to the Grammy Awards 35 years after she won the Grammy for Best New Artist. At the 1989 ceremony, Chapman performed her working-class ballad “Fast Car” solo. This year, she was joined onstage by the country singer Luke Combs, 33, for a mesmerizing rendition of the song. “It was a phenomenal musical moment,” Wehner writes. “For five minutes they traded off singing verses, coming together to harmonize on the chorus, with Combs at times mouthing the words as Chapman sang them. It was more her moment than his, and Combs knew that. When they were done, Combs gestured to her, bowing several times to convey his respect. She bowed in response, her hand patting her heart.”

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