Pondering the Gift of Gratitude…

TC is floating on air as the year draws to a close with strong feelings of gratitude. Read on! – the editor

I thank my lucky stars. Truly, I do!

You probably know by now that I truly heart the CBS Network news programming, which I try to view on Friday nights / Sunday mornings especially. I find much enjoyment in the weekly “On The Road, with Steve Hartman” features which I catch during either time slot (Evening News and/or Jane Pauley’s Sunday Morning program.

Pay It Forward – A Feature on…

This week’s feature was a follow up of sorts about a man who gave away $100 bills to strangers in need >> A major pay it forward. This inspired a middle school class project this year to pay it forward in their own neighborhood. The teacher of their class used Hartman’s feature as object life lessons that have forever influenced the young hearts for years to come.

Paying it forward has been a theme of mine for many years as I have been on both the giving and receiving end of random acts of kindness (RAOC).

  • I had a family quietly pick up my tab for dinner at a Denny’s a few years back. That night I attended the graduation of a co-worker from UNLV, along with other co-workers and her children. That night she received her degree after a troubling year, when her boyfriend and father of her children was brutally shot after a road rage incident nearby my home. Could that support of my co-worker be the catalyst of my good fortune of a free dinner?
  • Christmas 2020 was challenging. Due to COVID, Christmas Parties at work had been cancelled. A little money my mother left me in her will, and a random jackpot winning over $1000 at the Golden Nugget, beefed up the Christmas presents I gifted to my hard working staff (even a random bottle of Jack Daniels to a GM who probably needed lumps of coal more than the booze… just being honest).

My Turn…

This year, I am going to pay it forward. My gift is gratitude.

Those who have followed my journey in 2023 know I have gone though a major [MAJOR] transition. Needless to say, here at the year’s end I’ve been especially introspective.

  • Hillary Clinton said it, “It takes a Village.”
  • Jerry Lewis said it at the end of The Nutty Professor, “A Great Cast is worth repeating.”
  • Finally Bette Davis, said at the end of Now Voyager, “Jerry why ask for the moon, when we have the stars.”

It took a village of friends, family, medical professionals and advocates to get me through.

They were a great cast.. of characters.

And maybe I cannot tap dance now, but thanks to this crew, I am floating on air!

So to all of these people, with gratitude, I thank you!!


That’s a Wrap!

As my editor would say… “pencils down!”

Thanks for reading! (and pondering with me)! -TC


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