WowMe: Holiday Ads with Extra Emotional Impact…

When slammed with a steady stream of holiday ads —many for splurgy gifts— it’s easy to lose sight of the types of gifts that truly transcend the season. Heightened awareness is Mr Pete’s gift to us with this WowMe. BTW. You might want to take is advice on the tissue thing. Enjoy! -editor

Christmas ads hold a unique place in many people’s hearts. Their emotional impact sometimes override their mission (to sell you products and/or services). They are instantly relatable because they feature characters and situations that the consumer can identify with, while a touch of seasonal magic makes the imaginative scenarios portrayed believable.

[Note: If you choose to read further and click and watch these ads, I highly recommend having a box of tissues nearby.]

Emotionally Engaging Holiday Ads – Exhibit 1:

Here’s an ad that recently garnered considerable interest on the Internet last week. One of the reasons had to do with the “how” as in how it was created — low budget using an iPhone.

The emotional impact transcends that “how” however…

The storyline traces a common theme among holiday ads (IMHO): Loneliness.
Specifically, the loneliness of the elderly (AKA seniors), particularly when a spouse/significant other has passed away.

Charlie’s Bar is open on Christmas Day because, to paraphrase W.B Yeats “there are no strangers here, just friends we have yet to meet.”

In this two-minute piece, where we follow an elderly gentleman as he pays his respects and seeks to connect. He eventually ends up at Charlie’s Bar, entering at the same time as a young couple with a cute dog. He settles in at a table near a classic Irish fireplace while the couple hang at the bar. Shortly after the bartender walks a pint of Guinness to his table, the couple’s dog decides to pay him a visit. Happy for the company, the gentleman slides over and makes room for his new furry friend.

The young lady sees her dog with the elderly gentleman and makes her way over — asking him if he’d like some (more) company.
[That’s what I imagine happened because the audio was just a music bed tracking. The visuals are simple but strong, and led me to that conclusion.]

Ad closes with a header card, which confirms what we felt from observing —that Charlie’s Bar is indeed a Special Place. This “Special Place” is open on the holiday to serve as a place where lonely people can go and meet strangers who are willing to become friends.

Not to be cliche, but a lot like “Cheers” where “everyone knows your name.”

Wow! Impressive and …Wow!

Emotionally Engaging Holiday Ads – Exhibits 2 & 3:

These next two ads again deal with the loneliness of Seniors during the Holidays. This theme was the focus of Chevrolet, the American automobile company.

One features a lonely Senior who suffers from Dementia. The other is about an older gentleman who lost his spouse.

Worth noting: The savior(s) in these ads are from a younger generation. These people, sensitive and clearly aware the holidays are tough on seniors, are determined to take action and make a difference.

It is worth noting that both ads are NOT promoting the latest line of cars (like Chevy’s EV push). Rather, these draw on the sentimental value of classic models that played important roles in the lives of those seniors.

Please take a look at A Holiday to Remember | Chevrolet

The grand daughter accepts the challenge to create a “Good Day.” With a blessing from her mom with the only guideline being “Don’t come home too late,” the young lady takes “Gram” on a road trip.

We witness an OG Suburban playing the role of a time machine — jogging Gram’s memories. Adding more emotional thrust to this ad is the music provided by an 8-track tape: John Denver’s “Sunshine On My Shoulders.” Before long, an increasingly alert Gram actively participates in conversation with her grand daughter. Then she has a sudden “wow me” as she remembers that her husband needs her (“He can’t do dinner alone!”).

So on this truly “Good Day,” Gram returns back home to her husband Bill, fully ready to interact with the rest of her family.

For how long? We don’t know and honestly, it doesn’t matter. What we CAN hang onto is that this holiday gathering became extra special due to an insightful grand daughter choosing to take action (And, of course, the magic of that classic OG Suburban).

Gotta Pause…

It’s okay to walk away after that one… So powerful! So Kleenex worthy!!

Break Over!

Now it is time to get that second box of tissues…

This one is from a couple of years ago, with timeless “wow-ability.”

Please take a look at Chevrolet Christmas 2021 Holiday Ride – Firelands Chevrolet Vermilion

This ad features a caring daughter and her father. The daughter observes her Dad’s daily struggles and pain he suffers since his wife passed away. He is seen performing his holiday ritual of replacing the wreath on the barn and then visiting the dusty, un-drivable convertible where he keeps a small picture of its owner — his wife.

The daughter sees his pain and take action. She recruits some town folk, some strangers some who know the family to create some “night work” magic.

A funny aside: To cover the noise when her elves go to retrieve the car, the daughter rattles some pans in the sink.

Then one day, when the dad takes his trip to the barn, he is astonished to find a completely restored car. Plus, he goes to look at his wife’s picture it is now in a nice CLASSIC frame.

Wait for it…

When the father and daughter go on a ride together, they both share a tear in memory of that special lady (I suspect that the daughter happens to look a lot like a younger version of his wife).


That’s a Wrap!

Indeed this was an emotional WowMe. My editor had to step away twice to process everything she viewed. On tap for me, not a Guinness, but a few bottles of water to nourish my dried out eyes.

Thanks for venturing along with me… experiencing the TRUE spirit of holidays. Be well!! —Mr Pete

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A music aficionado, Mr. Pete’s mind and ears have no horizons. He has the uncanny ability to suss out the right song for the right time — a skill that is truly amazing. The Gang here at Jedemi enjoys his contributions.


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