Oh Whatta Knight! Pondering Cup in Six…

TC ponders the joy of seeing the Misfits tie one on and relish in the hard fought victory. The Celebration Parade honoring the VGK Stanley Cup Championship win was the first time watching a parade that was not a “parade.” Written Sunday morning in the afterglow… Enjoy! – the editor

I will be honest with you. I am not a sports nut. I actually watched sports to bond with a family member, admire the advertising, or to support when support is earned and deserved.

This is the case with the Vegas Golden Knights.
I watched the Celebration Parade last night to honor the VGK Stanley Cup Championship win. It was the first time I watched a parade that was not a “parade” I am used to.
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, this is not.
But for us locals, we could not be more proud of our team, and the lack of parade floats and marching bands did not interfere with the joy of seeing the Misfits tie one on and relish in the hard fought victory.

Hockey in the desert? Rubbish. The VGK played a team from the everglades. How south can you go?

The VGK got introduced to the Vegas community by an unlikely event: October 1.

A horrible mass shooting at the October 1st Music Festival was very raw in our minds. Was this mindless tragedy change the way we do Vegas. It didn’t. Thanks to resolve and a little “Vegas Strong”.

It was also the VGK that got us through.

From the beginning, the team was out to support the community and set an example. They encouraged the community to donate blood for the victims. They helped with outreach. The big moment was on the season home opener at the T-Mobile Arena, they dedicated the ceremony to the first responders and victims of the tragedy. A class GOLDEN act.

The good karma continued: the team made it to the Stanley Cup Finals that year. The city was proud, and although we did not make it to champions, in the community, they were champions.

The VGK success led to professional Football and WNBA to locate teams here. Baseball may be next just a block from the Fortress/T-Mobile Arena.

I missed the Stanley Cup Finals. I cut the cord last year, and it was TNT’s year to broadcast the Final Games. I followed the scores on Google.

TNT’s app on Roku would let you watch 10 minutes of content before it required to enter your cable account credentials since it was not for free streaming. The shortcomings of the MAX relaunch last month was the lack of sports coverage from their Warner Bros Discovery corporate sibling, unlike Hulu, which carried the ESPN+ feed.

Tuesday night, I checked Google >> Third period, 1:30 minutes left. Score VGK-9, FLA-3 .

My free 10-minute sample of TNT was about to be used. I got to see the joy of victory in the comfort of my own home. I think I could hear the cheers 4 miles away at T-Mobile! Go Knights Go!

That’s a Wrap!

As a proud fan of the VGK. I forgive the lack of polish of a proper parade. These guys deserved to celebrate and get properly sauced with fans partying while taking that Stanley Cup all over town.

Enjoy the victory, fellas. Maybe I will see you around town!

Thanks for reading (and pondering with me)! -TC

Bonus Clip…

Enjoy the music that was a hit in the VGK locker room.

Fan Inspired Art!
Check out this artist! FAN-tastic!!


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