Dewing Skate Pinball…

David Kiefaber of AdWeek’s AdFreak pointed out this really cool creation: The Mountain Dew Skate-Pinball park in New Zealand.

He wrote how Mountain Dew partnered with skateboarders Haimona Ngata, Brett Band and Mike Bancroft to build a skate park in New Zealand that resembles a giant pinball machine. They even got a local band (AC/DC sound-alikes Tough Love) to provide a song for the ad. The park is open through the month of June.

Not only does this re-energize the Mountain Dew brand, but it helps draw attention to three new flavors that are coming out.

Very cool.

Check out the videos below.

And the 30-sec ad

MOUNTAIN DEW SKATE PINBALL from Jae Morrison on Vimeo.


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