Hike on Up, Glide on Down with Foldable Mountain Bike

This is pretty cool. The “Bergmönch” is a mountain bike that can be worn as a backpack for the uphill climb, but can be unfolded for a two-wheeled ride back down. The thought behind it is that downhill can be hard on the joints of a hiker. So this gives a really viable option. Plus, the company refers to the adrenaline -fueled thrill worth working for, bringing you effortlessly back to the valley and enabling you to cover large distances.

Weighing just 9 kg (just under 20 lbs), the Bergmönch folds into a small backpack that rests comfortably on the back, providing easy access to equipment and provisions on the trek up a mountain.

The design of the bike is really conducive to safe downhill riding. If the terrain is really rough, you can stand on the Bergmönch with your weight well back. Otherwise you can ride kneeling, with relaxed muscles for the descent. They say the riding position, upright, low and set well back to the rear, and the different-sized wheels, all create a well thought concept, which ensures superb handling and safety downhill, while achieving a perfect compromise between compactness in uphill mode and comfort downhill.

It is priced at EUR 1,499 (so about $2K), the Bergmönch is now available through numerous European dealers.

Check out the video!

Special thanks to Springwise for bringing this this cool to my attention.


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