Got to Believe 2.0: Walk-offs Pile Up for the A’s

The Oakland A’s have been playing some exciting baseball. Yesterday they notched walk-off win number 11. It is a nice streak and, if anything, the A’s have internalized the “Gotta Believe!” spirit.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Walk-off #5 vs. the Giants

Walk-off #6 vs. the Red Sox

Walk-off #7 vs. the Mariners

Walk-off #8 vs. Mariners

Walk-off #9 vs. the Rangers

Walk-off #10 vs. the Yankees

Walk-off #11 vs. the Yankees

Exciting times for sure. But just a reminder — most people don’t know that the phrase “walk-off” wasn’t always attributed with players jumping around and the pie-in-the-face treatment of the “walk-off-ee.”

Rather, it was a phrase Hall of Famer, Dennis Eckersley used to describe… a loss!
He said the whole point was the pitcher’s immediate, lonely, devastating walk off the field. During an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, he was quoted saying, “It was a drag, man. It really is a low feeling.”

That’s a reminder to all of us that what goes up, does come down. Enjoy the ride, but remember that for every “winner” there is a disappointed team that knows their time will come (it always does).

I’m a fan of the New York Mets. I know all about it!

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