Ness Notes – Taking it to the Streets: Nae & Jodel

We are going to run a little experiment for Ness Notes. For the last month, I have been running around with a tiny voice recorder interviewing folks I know who have been living their bliss. While Pat Solomon found many famous people (authors, actors, athletes, etc.) for his “Finding Joe the Movie,” I decided to take to the streets and talk to some extraordinary “every day people.” If anything, this project has gotten me wondering about the story behind the faces I see on a daily basis.

Here’s the story of Nae & Jodel.


Audio Intro to the Nae and Jodel Story

Here are some of the things I found interesting:

  1. This couple represents an interesting contrast in culture and countries.  Nae is from Cambodia and Jodel is from California
  2. Both came from economically challenged environments.
  3. Both went to a private school (Nae a Christian school, Jodel an all boys school).
  4. Both came from tight-knit families.
  5. Both found freedom, strength, passion and, who they were through sports.
  6. They both have a passion for Martial Arts and mentoring others ;  )



We all have our own storybook unique to ourselves! So, Don’t judge a person’s journey until you’ve walked in their path…


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— Ness

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