New Normal: The Original Red Bull-Sized Can for Soda Beverages…

RedBullSize1People are pretty familiar with the Red Bull energy drink. Parodied on Futurama (Slurm), it comes in a skinny can (250ml of fluid) that is pretty much made for quick consumption (For sure, it doesn’t fit well in the standard size cup holder — which is another incentive). No doubt that a whole generation of consumers may consider the skinny can as the norm.

Perhaps acknowledging this, Coca Cola in Great Britain has introduced a new skinny can (250mL) across Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero lines with the intent of offering consumers “a greater choice of refreshing products to suit all lifestyles.”


Here in the States, you’ll find 8-packs of Coca Cola in 7.5 oz mini-cans (roughly 221ml) probably for the same reason, though the company claimed back in 2009 to have introduced it as the first portion control beverage.”
Considering the heat they’ve been catching for childhood obesity, it isn’t surprising that portion control is the public facing messaging.

What’s notable is that there’s always a story behind the story. As the Gang always says, “Stay curious my friends!”


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