SCMF Musings: Klay Sez It’s Da Yoda Socks…

Klay Yoda Socks Stance

We admit that his post game comment got our attention. The Warriors’ Klay Thompson had as amazing game:

  • Thompson became the first player in NBA history to sink eleven 3-pointers in a playoff game.
  • He finished with playoff career-high 41 points.

After the game, Thompson shared the secret of his success with The Vertical:

“I brought my Yoda socks to bring out my Jedi powers.”

Stance Yoda Socks Klay quote

Yoda socks??

So the curious minds were fired up.

Found out the socks are from a company called Stance.


Stance Yoda Socks

About Stance

Pretty cool mission.

And the more we poked around, the more interesting things we found.


Craig Sager socks?

Sports Illustrated featured him in a cover story…

Craig Sager Sports Illustrated cover

SI senior writer Lee Jenkins back to the Gray Area Podcast to talk about his latest feature for Sports Illustrated on TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager. In this episode, they discuss Sager’s flashy suits and wardrobe, why everyone around the league likes him so much, the dangers of his travel schedule, his health and more.

All interesting stuff…

In fact, the only thing really bugging us (and what held up this post) was trying to find out if Klay wore the lucky socks on Monday night when the dubbed won again and made it to the next round.

Oh well. Guess the best we can do is watch closely tonight and monitor online.

—The Gang

Bonus Content

We can’t shake Spike Lee’s “Da Shoes” Nike Air Jordan ad from our mind. Seeing a Klay version with Yoda socks.


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