What Would You Do for an Audi?

Imagine a world where drivers of high-end Mercedes, BMW and Lexus cars are willing to ditch their vehicles mid-commute to get behind the wheel of an Audi.

Imagining isn’t necessary. There is a new ad called “Car Carrier” from Venables Bell & Partners, that shows that scenario played out. Apparently, according to Adweek’s post, the spot is explicitly for the Audi A4, though the model is never mentioned by name.

“And that’s because the creators want to lift the whole brand, not just the perception of the new model. To do so, they keep the message extremely simple and, they hope, more effective. The tactic is to reassure car buyers that going for a new Audi is not a step down, but simply another choice from the same field as BMW and the rest. The “plot” of the commercial is also extremely simple.”


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