ASWI – Shellraiser is a Keeper…

As appalling as it may be to think that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise is pushing toys for pre-schoolers, we’ve deemed the product highlighted on page 18 of the Sunday Target ad post-worthy. The Shellraiser vehicle from Playmates Toy has bells and whistles (or as the ad copy states,… more »

FSI – What’s New and Notable – 002

This week’s edition of FSI What’s New & Notable is focusing on hot sauce. The FSI featured a ginormous burger that took up 50% of the ad. It was a drippy burger too, like the kind you see on Carl’s Jr. television ads. We aren’t burger people and were about… more »

FSI – What’s New and Notable – 001

Anyone who gets a Sunday newspaper delivered to their doorstep (or driveway) knows that part of its considerable “thunk” are the ads that are included in the form of circulars and free standing inserts (FSI). We like them for several reasons. You can get a sense of what’s trending. You… more »

AWSI: Responsible Stewards? Thunk Again…

To solve a mystery — That thunking sound referenced in our Facebook post earlier in the week came from Restoration Hardware’s bundle of 13 source books which they claim add up to a “significantly reduced impact on the environment.”   We say, “hummm….” They certainly have gone out of their… more »

Growlers — Coming soon to your neighborhood?!

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal gave prime real estate (front of the Personal Journal section) to the topic of growlers  Not a pack of foaming at the mouth dogs, but rather a 64-ounce reusable bottle that holds beer from craft breweries. According to the Brewers Association (, there… more »