New iPod Nano Gets Unboxed…

The iPod nano 16G is pretty amazing. In fact, I’d say Apple hit it out of the ballpark with this 6th generation which has the same Multi-Touch screen as the iPhone and iPod Touch. The nano is way cute too! It boasts a 1.5-inch 240-by-240 pixel resolution display without much… more »

Coors Light Packaging: Shows Cold & Super Cold

Packaging Digest posted about Coors Light’s latest in cold-activated packaging technology: New Coors Light Two-Stage Activation bottles and cans, which make it easy to see when your Coors Light goes from cold… to Super Cold. The focus is helping folks know when to take their “super cold” beer out of… more »

Pringles Purchased, Origins Pondered…

This week, it was announced that Diamond Foods Inc. has bought the Pringles brand from Procter & Gamble (P&G) for $1.5 billion. The transaction rids P&G of the last of its food brands, since it has shifted mostly to beauty and hygiene products, and builds on Diamond’s growing food portfolio…. more »

LEGO Leverages AR at In-Store Kiosks

LEGO is using augmented reality (AR) technology in some of their packaging to give customers ideas of the things they can build with the various kits. Created by augmented reality expert metaio, the LEGO boxes are designed to interface with kiosks in LEGO stores . How it works. Shoppers hold… more »

The Clever Little Bag — Puma’s New Take on the Shoe Box

So simple. So classy. One wonders, why didn’t anyone think of it before? This week, Reuters reported sporting goods maker Puma will be switching over to eco-friendly packaging for its sneakers next year to reduce its carbon footprint. The new packaging, which will roll out in the second half of… more »