Soup: Neuromarketing & Why We buy

When I first read this story, “The Emotional Quotient of Soup Shopping Campbell’s Taps ‘Neuromarketing’ Techniques to Find Why Shelf Displays Left Some Customers Cold” in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), I found myself talking at the newspaper.  Mucking around with labels and the merchandising of soup cans may garner… more »

Red Bull for Dogs? Not Exactly…

Here’s something different… Looks like there is a new doggy drink called Petrol that comes in aluminum cans. The press release says it is “a dog treat beverage” which is now available in 12 oz. Rexam SLEEK(TM) cans. Petrol is formulated by a veterinary nutrition expert, and contains 100 percent… more »

Cool Packaging — Like Origami for Popcorn…

Here’s a brilliant and elegant solution for microwave popcorn that was created by a student at the Lahti Institute of Design in Finland.

Bubbly Milk !? Coca-Cola Testing in NYC

It’s been referred to as tasting “like a birthday party for a polar bear.” That could be appropriate considering the Coca-Cola’s history of incorporating polar bears in their advertising. According to two different reports, it looks like Coca-Cola is hoping a new fizzy milk drink could become a hit with… more »

Cool Packaging — Wipe Dispenser Redesign

The Clorox Company has come up with a brilliant idea that borrows from Kleenex — designer packaging. Putting something purely functional in a dispenser that you don’t mind having on a countertop makes a ton of sense. Plus, it encourages usage because of its accessibility.