Learning New Combos at UFC Gym

Learning new combinations has been the focus of my training at UFC Gym in Concord. Since I am very visual, Coach Joey and Coach Carlo offered to help me out by demonstrating the combos while I held the video camera. Now I need to practice, practice, practice. ###

McIlroy at The Masters: He needed a Doctor…

Anyone who has played golf knows how hard it is to keep it together during that 18-hole (3-4+ hour) journey. The battle is mental and physical. Getting into a groove is what we all want, where it feels effortless and things just go your way. Watching the wheels come off… more »

March Sadness: The Equinox Tour that Wasn’t

Here’s one of a new series being added to Jedemi:  The Not Going Anywhere (NGA) Files I’m watching the MLB channel, listening to The Irish Experience, and wistfully thinking of the Sprint Equinox Tour idea I put together which is now an addition to the NGA file. It all started… more »

The Pilot of the Jedemi Chronicles

The following is the pilot of the Jedemi Chronicles. Since there is no money to fund the filming of it yet, we took the cost effective route and blocked the story using PowerPoint. Enjoy! Taming of the Suit: How it Happened One Night View more presentations from Annie Gladue. Point… more »

Ready for a Transcendent Experience?

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all… transcend the chaos and noise of the day-to-day, matters of consequence. Thanks to the fine work of Bill (“Billy”) Fitzgerald, here’s your chance. His “Balloons over Egypt” piece is fantastic!

It runs just under 5-minutes. Enjoy!