AWSI: Cultivating Golfer Confidence is Doable – Part 1

Earlier this month there was an article in The Wall Street Journal bemoaning the fact that though plenty of people are taking up the game of golf for the first time, very few of them are sticking with it. So what else is new? Annie has some thoughts in the first of a series of posts…

AWSI: Hot Dogs are Hot…

Are hot dogs going to supplant food truck cuisine as the next big thing in eating? You figure that if The Wall Street Journal is covering ball park franks AND Burger King made them the cornerstone of their 2016 promotions, something’s up.

NVC the 031316 Edition

We are still moping about trying to accept the news that one of our favorites (and inspiration for our #SCMF) has been jettisoned. Jonathan Goldsmith (AKA “Most Interesting Man in the World”) will no longer be the one saying, “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.” What’s next for the brand and Goldsmith?

SCMF Musings: Boomwich & Fiery Cheetos

While reading the Lucky Peach Versus issue, we came across a story mentioning about a place called Boomwich which offers a cheesesteak in which the cheese has been partly replaced with crumbled Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

AWSI: The Rio Advertising Games HAVE Begun…

While perusing AdAge, we came upon this story (Non-Sponsors With Olympic Dreams Must Beat March 27 Deadline: New Sponsorship Rules Alter Olympic Marketing Playbook). Say what? How can that be?