World Cup Watching via the Palm Pre…

Last week, ESPN said the Wednesday morning FIFA World Cup match between the United States and Algeria — in which the Americans scored a dramatic goal in stoppage time to earn a 1-0 win and a spot in the Round of 16 — was the highest-rated and most-watched soccer game… more »

Vintage Smartphone Decision Chart

Decision chart from 2009. Things haven’t changed much in a year.

The Clever Little Bag — Puma’s New Take on the Shoe Box

So simple. So classy. One wonders, why didn’t anyone think of it before? This week, Reuters reported sporting goods maker Puma will be switching over to eco-friendly packaging for its sneakers next year to reduce its carbon footprint. The new packaging, which will roll out in the second half of… more »

Trading Mouse Ears for Cards that Attax…

“I’m like a crazed man about this,” says Mr. Eisner. “It’s not my job to analyze it, but to make it grow.” It figures that it took someone like Michael Eisner, the former chief of the Walt Disney Company, to come up with a way to move baseball cards from… more »

Twitter-Powered Popcorn Machine

This is pretty darn clever. Dave Britt and Justin Goeres came up with a way to make popcorn one Tweet at a time. The video below explains it. It was their entry for the Fireworks Popcorn’s “Creative Pop 2010!” contest, which they won. They used a custom LabVIEW program which… more »