Super Bowl Ad Watch: EA Can’t Say “Go to Hell!”

Electronic Arts (EA) has a new video game coming out on Tuesday, February 9, called Dante’s Inferno which really IS based on The Divine Comedy: Hell by Dante Alighieri. To promote it, on Super Bowl Sunday, EA is running an ad to invite 100 million football fans to join Dante… more »

Talkin’ Palm Pixi First Impressions…

The Palm Pixi, the sibling of the Palm Pre, started shipping in November. Reviewers have been weighing in over the last couple of weeks. Most complain about the Pixi’s speed (due to its slower processor). Others rip on it because there’s no WiFi. The screen size and resolution was bothersome… more »

Franksgiving then, Black Friday now…

I read an interesting story in The Wall Street Journal that talked about “Franksgiving.”  Apparently, in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to move Thanksgiving Day forward by a week, rather than have it take place on its traditional date, the last Thursday of November. The reason was economic. There… more »

Trying to be like the Cool Kids: Give Microsoft an E for Effort…

Remember just over a year ago, when Microsoft’s attempt at being cool involved running ads that featured Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates shopping at a discount shoe store? The word pleather sticks in my mind… and I guess that’s appropriate since that word describes fake leather (actually it is a… more »

Maker Series: Jeff Rulifson & AAA’s iPhone App

Innovation Meets Tenacity. There’s no stopping an idea who’s time is right, as long as you keep at it and not let “rules and limits” hold you back.