Pondering Birthdays, Anniversaries and AI ??

TC is OM (On the Move). Before he jetted East, he penned this piece as a reflection of things past and a reminder that the only constant is change. Read on! – the editor

I usually feel a sense of euphoria when the calendar swings back to the week of May 3rd.

A reminder: May 3rd is my birthday.

I am very retrospective each year lately. I think it goes with my new feeling of being appreciative to all who has helped me in my life. Even more so this past year of major changes.

After an unfortunate smash and grab on my birthday back in 2019 outside Oakland International Airport when I was on to visit my sister ( and editor ) and my backpack was taken out of my rental car, I have learned to control my euphoria and basically “keep my head straight” during such festive times.

May 3rd, one year ago, is when I announced to my friends that I was going to have a major surgery to remove my left leg below the knee. The response was incredibly supportive. That support got me through the June surgery and the three plus months of rehabilitation at specialty hospital.

I had a goal to travel. Again. This week, I hope to realize that goal by getting on an airplane to fly to Ft.Lauderdale to visit my brother, who just moved there last fall, and my best friend, who just lost his husband suddenly in February. If all goes well, it will be a lot of visiting, meals, a lone drink, big hugs, and of course, birthday cake.

I hope to be reporting about this excursion in posts to come.

Besides Travel, Another Challenge Coming…

As all things go, keeping my head will be best. As of this writing, I was notified that my current job position will be eliminated in July.

I am not surprised. My customer service job had introduced an AI program to help our team to document notes. It made sense when sales goals were not met, farming out this service would be fiscally responsible, as far as performance goes.

This is not my first time to the rodeo, fellas. At least I am not going to “Mommie Dearest” out like Faye Dunaway screeched as Joan Crawford to the Board of Pepsi-Cola.

This week, I breathed. Reactivated my Indeed and LinkIn accounts. Revisited my resume. Researched the Nevada Health Link Exchange for a COBRA alternative.
I am keeping busy for sure.

Throw in the slew of doctor’s appointments and, well… Let’s just say my work is cut out for me as I enter my 57th year. Embracing the challenges with a smile, I am.

More to come, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and hanging out with me!–TC


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