Destination Vegas – LVIII in LV: The Rolling Links…

With Super Bowl LVIII taking place in TC’s backyard (Las Vegas on February 11), he will be providing a local’s view of the happenings along relevant clips with context. Enjoy and please come back for more! – the editor

7 February…

This just in… FREE!! Yup. According to this KLAS feature, the once-hot Las Vegas Strip Mirage Volcano, which is now the site of the snowy “Paramount Mountain,”will open to the public on Thursday, and it’s free. Paramount Expedition Vegas is a 4-day event that immerses fans into the world of Paramount by creating experiences. Locals and visitors can interact with their favorite films and series from Paramount’s portfolio. Read more here.

3 February…

Throwing a “Hail Arnold?” Say what?

Picard (AKA Sir Patrick) killing Nick character (LOL). Props to Drew Barrymore for attempting to intervene.

Shout out to Creed the band for its “Higher” cameo.

2 February…

Well, if you are a SpongeBob fan, this one is for you.

So cool, so when they did the show, he did the Bubble bowl in bikini bottom, ends big movies with a hard rock I’m a goofy goober. They scan and recycle the animation to go over the broadcast…

27 January…

TC forwarded a link to this clever campaign as found on Facebook. When I first viewed, I thought it was for a “stunt” or “dummy” product just to create an awareness that if you don’t buy now, you won’t have proper snacks for the game.

[Ref chucks flag and points…]

Whoops!! Looks like Dinamita is actually a quite popular “crunchy” Doritos line extension.

The short 15-second piece certainly achieved awareness IMHO. – the editor

The 17 January Batch…

I was thinking that perhaps folks would need some background on the media host of Super Bowl LVIII — CBS and Paramount+ (AKA ParamountPlus).

Here are some videos from the launch of the Paramount+ streaming service.

This was the first commercial to launch the ParamountPlus service, which used to be known as CBS all access. This was the beginning of the corporate synergy after the reunion combination of CBS and Viacom.

This nearly two-minute piece shows how “the Plus” was introduced in the UK and Ireland.

Notice the difference in this ad, in the UK, Ireland Canada and even Australia, the ads feature IP that is carried only in those countries, and on other streaming services here. In USA, Yellowstone streams on Peacock, even though it’s on the Paramount channel on cable.

Just found this one and it is hella fun!

This is creative, the star of the show is the “Flashdance” water bucket. It’s right up there with the Stallone face featured during the 2023 Super Bowl (see below).

[Editor’s note: Indeed, Paramount was the studio that released Flashdance back in the day (1983 yikes!). This link talks about a reboot.]

Last of the 17 January batch is the most recent…

Watch “Josh Allen & Peppa Pig Caught in Transformer “Crossfire” | A Mountain of Entertainment™ | Paramount+” on YouTube

That’s a Wrap…

Thanks for reading / viewing. Please return early and often. -TC


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