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TC takes on the arrival of the Super Bowl in a month. [Super Bowl LVIII will take place in Las Vegas on February 11] And in a first for the TC Ponderables, we’ll make this post a “live” one with frequent updates on his observations leading up to the Big Game. Enjoy and please come back for more! – the editor

It seems like the whole world is converging on Las Vegas. At least until February 11th, when due to the extension of the Football Season by the NFL, the “Big Game” originally set to be held in New Orleans this year, it was relocated to Las Vegas (due to landing in the middle of their Carnival/Mardi Gras season).

[editor’s note: Former name is: Super Bowl LVIII. Now while it DOES seem convenient that the short-hand for Las Vegas (LV) is part of the name, it is merely a coincidence as the NFL has opted for Roman numerals for every end of season game with the exception of the 2016 game, it’s 50th.]

I was getting worried about the bad feedback locals were venting about the Formula One (AKA F1) held in November. There are still vendors and retailers along that race route frustrated about their lost revenue due to a “temporary” (and now it seems very possible—new) overpass located by their properties. The race started at 11pm at night to leverage the stunning neon lights of Vegas. And the audience? Very much a draw for international eyeballs.

Will Vegas Locals be Forgiving Again?

So… when it comes to the Super Bowl being in my (our) backyard, will locals be forgiving again?

I started talking about this in a previous post when I pointed out how CBS is taking over the lake in front of the Bellagio for broadcasts. Its parent company is taking over the Mirage soon (christening its former volcano “Paramount Mountain”).

Yeah, it is all about the money. Paramount corporate money is more lucrative than tourists taking a free gander at water show and a fire show.

We have come a long way. I remember four years ago when the dreaded word PANDEMIC was being bantered about. I worked at the LAS airport here. Six weeks later, Las Vegas was a ghost town.

We’re Back with Rooms… Many, Many Rooms…

The hotel room inventory has got bigger since then. Though three valley properties never reopened, two new ones made their splash grand opening in December. So places to stay, a non-issue (Cost? Well… Dynamic pricing applies as it has for every city hosting “The Game.”

I am sure representatives of all companies doing business in Las Vegas, will send folks to “work and support” the staff in Las Vegas.
[Note: I believe our Dad would refer to this as a junket.]

It is what it is… and this IS a big deal!

In ways I am glad that I will not set one foot on The Strip during the festivities, let alone travel through my former workplace. It sounds like it will be completely off the hook.

That being said, I AM glad and thrilled that the BIG GAME will be only four miles from my home. How many people can say that?

Strange But True…

I found myself watching more football this season. Tried to watch our hometown team, The Las Vegas Raiders, pretty much for the eye candy that was QB Jimmy Garoppolo (AKA Jimmy G) [https://www.raiders.com/photos/photos-jimmy-garoppolo-s-first-days-in-las-vegas-raiders-nfl]. Since benched, and with his departure pending after season, I hoped my late father’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles, would make a return to the Big Game, after being so close to the ring in 2023. However, the last 6 games were ugly for the Eagles.
Oh well… With no rooting interest, there are always the ads! Oh… and Usher!

What Happens… Will Stay in…

No matter which teams make it to Allegiant Stadium for The Game, what happens before, during and after will certainly stay in our memories. That gives me pause as it will be a game to always remember — “the first Super Bowl” in that very venue. Firsts are always worth noting.

No doubt, the Las Vegas experience will be discussed for years to come. In fact, I’d say that all of the sudden, CES – the big deal Consumer Electronics Show (Jan), SEMA – Special Equipment Market Association (Nov), and other conventions that are the bread and butter of our business, aren’t as exciting as this.

Let our new guests take a gander of sports in the desert: Stanley Cup champion Golden Knights, twice WNBA champion Aces, and… maybe soon, Big League MLB baseball (Sorry editor!).

That’s a Wrap…

Or not… My game plan, is to provide “boots on the ground” coverage and context to the Vegas happenings for the next many weeks. No worries, me and Peggy got this. So, stay tune! Thanks for reading (and pondering with me) and please return early and often. -TC


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