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TC delves into… music this time as the music fine multi-platform performances of Dolly Parton have ignited an interesting eye-raising / ear raising ponderable. Enjoy! – the editor

My first introduction to Dolly Parton was back in 1981, when we needed to travel three towns over to a video rental store that actually had Betamax tapes. My parents selected what was a big hit from Christmas 1980: “9to5”.

I knew she was a country music star, and 9to5 was her first major movie starring along the two time Oscar winner Jane Fonda and the incredibly funny Lily Tomlin. The comedy that followed three co-workers in a very bad work environment, with a chauvinistic boss. This was one of the biggest movies of the year and back then, played for months in its original run. To see it at home was a treat.

Her song 9to5 was a huge crossover hit, a catchy tune with a typewriter in the background. It wasn’t until the Oscars that I realized she wrote the song.

She wrote many songs up to that point. I found out during my research that she refused to let Elvis Presley record her song, “I will Always Love You” because his manager, Col. Tom Parker, wanted publishing rights. She held her ground, and when Whitney Houston recorded her song, she made lots of money, and was in awe of the production of that song.

She selectively made some more movies. “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” and “Steel Magnolias” had to be her best other than 9to5. She also shared her wealth to her home where she grew up in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. Dollywood has become a great attraction and has employed many local people. She also introduced “The Imagination Library” —supplying books to children all over the world.

She stayed out of politics, no singing appearances to support a candidate. She even started a line of baking products with Duncan Hines. Last Christmas, no matter how hokey the premise, she made a TV Christmas movie (Dolly Parton’s Mountain Magic Christmas) you cannot help yourself but just watch.

Dolly Rocks!!

This time last year, she was made a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In true Dolly humility, she was about to decline since she did not consider herself a rocker. If she didn’t accept, she would not have made her most important project. A new Rock and Roll album called “Rockstar.”

I played her album on Apple Music the other day, and…


30 tracks of some new songs and many classics, often recorded with original talent involved. Honestly, when Dolly comes a callin’, who is going to refuse?

As the holidays arrive, be it Thanksgiving dinner, or Christmas time, in a time where everything is very decisive, and either black or white; red or blue, I would put this album on and enjoy this treat.

Essential Tracks…

Purple Rain —the Prince Classic

We Are The Champions/ We Will Rock You- Queen’s anthem, you would swear Brian May was involved.

Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me– Duet with Elton John

Heart of Glass– with Debbie Harry

Let it Be– Yes, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr participated.

There are too many to name here, but if there is anything that can be an icebreaker during the holidays, it is this. It is THAT good!

Also THAT Good…

If you can tolerate Christmas Music, the iconic Cher finally made a Christmas album. It is really good. In fact, I’d say it will make you forget Mariah Carey for the season (even though she claims to own Christmas).

That’s a Wrap…
I know it is rare for me to be the music person in the family (Mr Pete rules the category). This was a fun change of pace.
Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading! (viewing, listening and pondering with me)! -TC


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  1. I was just reading this: Dolly Parton made a deserving fan’s wish come true. Two years after a Utah man named LeGrand Gold made a bucket list in the midst of battling stage four colorectal cancer, the 77-year-old country star made one of his wildest dreams come true by serenading him over the phone. Here’s the link: https://www.billboard.com/music/country/dolly-parton-serenade-fan-cancer-1235565734/

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