Pondering Graduation: Far Away, So Close…

Recently TC was able to experience the graduation of his nephew out on the West Coast, from the comfort of his Vegas abode. It got him pondering the season in general and particularly —the music which all ceremonies incorporate. Read on! – the editor

About a month ago, I received an invitation to my nephew Andrew’s graduation ceremony at San Diego State University. I was so happy that after many years, he finally achieved his Masters Degree in Business Administration.

My younger self would have made witnessing this event a priority, hop a plane for a quick trip to San Diego. However, with the arrival of Peg, (my full-time +1), comes the need for a little village to travel so embracing spontaneity is no longer an option.

Furthermore, the focus should be on Andrew. It’s his day. Not Peg and yours truly. Certainly, not Peg and yours truly’s “accommodations.” Just saying…

What’s a Peg & TC to do?

Enter YouTube.

The ceremony was carried on livestream, via YouTube.

Free! No crowds. No parking issues. No fending off arena vendors for Class of 2024 merchandise…

The “plus-est” side, of course, was being able to watch Andrew walk on stage to graduate — Name posted on my TV.

Both me and my brother James were able to witness his graduation. Proud that he had the determination to achieve this goal, in honor of his Pop Pop (My Dad).

My father and Andrew had a unique and wonderful relationship. Dad’s influence lives through Andrew from his choice of Philly sports teams to follow (although, Andrew admitted to me he shifted his alliance from the Phillies to the Dodgers later in life. I am sure Pop Pop is fine with that). But I digress…

Getting in the Mood…

Getting ready to watch his ceremony, I looked on YouTube for clips of the traditional march music (“Pomp and Circumstance”) to post on Andrew’s social media page. At first I found a clip from Fantasia 2000, which was a retelling of the story of Noah’s Ark, with the assistance of Donald Duck and his main squeeze, Daisy.

Then I found out, it is only in America that this music is used for graduations. In the UK, this music is known as “Land of Hope and Glory.” It is a march to extol the British Empire! (?!?)

Check it out — There are lyrics to it!

Land of Hope and Glory,
Mother of the free,
How shall we extole thee,
Who are born of thee,
Wider and still wider,
Shall thy bounds be set,
God who made the mighty,
Make thee mightier yet!!,
God who made thee mighty,
Make thee mightier yet!

The closest thing to compare it to is “Stars and Stripes Forever.”

Flags waved. Voices heard. I am positive a kick line occurs on both sides of the pond.

Talk about “learn a new thing every day”!

That’s a Wrap…

So I dedicate this post to my nephew, Andrew, and his achievement. That “old school” music you referred to has a history. I know you mother was singing this to you:

Dooo, Doo doo doo, Dooooo, Dooooo…

LOL!! Earworm inserted. Super proud of you!

Thanks for reading and hanging out with me!–TC

Bonus Clips…


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