Pondering the Holiday Ads 2023 Edition…

TC is back with his thoughts on the heart-warming ads various retailers are running this holiday season. His checklist includes Kroger, Publix, Kohl’s, and of course, Target. Enjoy! – the editor

A brief conversation with my sibling Mr Pete, brought up the topic of the newest batch of holiday ads now gracing the TV waves.

As I previously noted in the current Walmart and Paramount Black Friday promotion, next to the Big Game, November and December are “prime time” for pull the heart-string advertising. Or at least clever ones.

What Do YOU say, Tar-Jay?

While waiting patiently for this year’s Target holiday entry, I happened upon one from a source I grossly underestimated: the supermarket chain, Kroger.

Kroger’s ad can run for both November and December, for the double holiday whammy.

Smith’s Food & Drug is the local division of Kroger here in Vegas (Though… This time, next year, it may no longer be the case. If the upcoming Albertsons Kroger Merger goes through, changes could be coming).

Anyway, here goes!

[Notable: In Florida, there are no brick and mortar Kroger stores. But who needs Kroger when you have PUBLIX! But I digress]

Speaking of Publix…
[updated 11 Dec 23]

And Carol-less Kohl’s??

Kohl’s has the holiday cheer on screen. They still do not use a Christmas Carol.

You got the best of… Kohl’s Holiday Ad

Tar-Jay HAS Arrived…

Joy for me (!!) as Target “Lights it Up For Less.”

Cap One, Pure Fun!

This 70s throwback is way smile-inducing…

That’s a Wrap…

So when it comes to enjoying holiday / Black Friday ads, it’ll be broadcast all the way as I am certain print has gone by the way of 8-track tape and VCR — non existent. As for influential, I will break for the heart tug from my mad merchants who want me to part with my hard earned money (as retailers strive to pad their Q4 numbers). That is, until January (Can Can Sale!)…
Thanks for reading! (viewing and pondering with me)! -TC

Bonus Clip…

Rewind to an Old school 2013 Holiday ad from Publix.


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