Mr. Pete’s WowMe 013 Crate Diggin Whole Thing…


Another in a series of Mr Pete’s virtual crate diggin’ adventures.

Sometimes an ad campaign becomes so popular it overshadows the product it’s suppose to be promoting. The concept gets highjacked, taglines get ripped and jingles get reworked.

Ads usually don’t get sampled, per se, but sound-alikes occur often to repeat a catch phrase.

The concept a little vague? No worries for once you give the following a listen, it’ll trigger an ear worm or maybe just a chuckle, or perhaps both.

First, the tune and below, the reference ad.

Right… Alka Seltzer is the way back ad.

I originally thought this was an age/generation specific reference until Annie dug up this:

Sure enough, in The Simpsons season 4 episode 19, it appeared as Homer’s high school year book quote.

Where I found it LOL funny was here, near the end of the song. Still makes me smile.

Crate Digger Wrap…

Thanks for diggin’ along with me. I very much hope that you’ll find some inspiration and do some digggin’ and sharin’ of your own. And, as always, we here at Jedemi encourage you to #SCMF: Stay Curious!


About Mr Pete
A music aficionado, Mr. Pete’s mind and ears have no horizons. He has the uncanny ability to suss out the right song for the right time — a skill that is truly amazing. The Gang here at Jedemi enjoys his contributions.

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