Mr Pete’s Summer Perennials……

I got MY head out the sunroof — as this weekend kicks off Summer for folks coast-to-coast. For me, it was time to plug in my “Baby Driver” iPod and queue up Mr Pete’s Summer Soulfire playlist — gleaned from the 14-Track “mix tape” CD he sent me 3 years ago.

So fun!

How to share, right?

Spotify has become a nice extension for Mr Pete’s #CrateDiggIn Adventure, where his playlist expanded: 39 songs = Over 2.5 hours of joy.

That “soundtrack” would have gotten us from our home to “The Shore” (if we didn’t do stops along the way).

Anyway, I was re-listening to his selections and thinking in terms of… a garden.

You may be thinking ?!? but it isn’t too weird actually.

My brain gets twisted up when trying to explain annuals vs. perennials, but I believe that if I focus on Mr Pete’s playlists as perennials — I’ll keep it straight in my mind.

Perennials will come back and regrow year after year.

Kind of like Mr Pete’s annual Christmas CDs. He may produce one every year, but the music can “come back year after year” for our seasonal enjoyment.

So for those who missed the OG post from 2021 (or those interested in revisiting) here’s Mr Pete’s Summer Soul Dance Party. Enjoy!

That’s a Wrap!

Come for the summer and stay for… whatever else Mr Pete has up his sleeves. If you follow him on Spotify, I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised and eager to check back early and often. Now without further ado, scroll back up and listen on!

About Mr Pete

A music aficionado, Mr. Pete’s mind and ears have no horizons. He has the uncanny ability to suss out the right song for the right time — a skill that is truly amazing. The Gang here at Jedemi enjoys his contributions.


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