MeWowed! Mr Pete Unveils Greatest Love Song…

When you see a fork in the road, take it… A Yogi-ism that I’m applying now in this MeWow! post. In our DropBox “Family Room,” Mr Pete shared some inspired writing about, a song but so much more…

Mr Pete continues to astound me. Writing from the heart, you can feel the emotion of the piece — both in song / lyrics and his story which provided context.

Furthermore, what he didn’t know, but The Gang here often reminds me is the why (as in Why we are here): Idea, Energy, Power

A concept we talk a lot about here at Jedemi. His writing + song fit this to a “T.”

I am not free to reveal the entire piece. That’s between Mr Pete and our Family Room. But what I can do is share the song / his inspiration. Also, a point Mr Pete made to me.

What Mr Pete Said…

I often sought refuge in music, within the art of certain musicians— their songs and in particular in their lyrics. Some women, when they were young girls, often dream of their wedding day. Discussing their hopes and dreams among friends, they would plan that special day all the way down to its smallest details. I myself was often searching and rewriting my perfect playlist(s):

  • One that explored expressing my joy of the occasion,
  • One to share with friends and guests, and
  • One for my love, that help me express my thoughts with words that I have so much difficulty verbalizing.
    (another confession I am a stutter).

[So yes, a trilogy! — annie]

I had also developed a playlist to share with my love and guests at our wedding.

At that time, since I had no foreseeable prospects in my future, I saw no need to keep the song content a secret. I thought that maybe, someone might discover a song or two that they liked and include them on their own “lists.”

Where We Are” is a song by Curtis Harding. I stumbled across it last year on YouTube (Crate Diggin’ as always).

At that time I was running late on the “Black Pumas” train and the artist/song came up as a recommendation. Upon further research I found out that the song was only available in a digital format (Yes, I still buy CDs). Knowing that I can always pull it up and listen to it on YouTube I kind of forgot what a great masterpiece this work was.

I recalled how moved I was with the simple structure of this song. A man talking to his lover about their relationship, with a chorus that burned with his promise of love.

“But it don’t matter where we are, no
Long as I got you
To come on home to
Together we can go far, well”

Well, I thought this unknown 7-minute masterpiece needed to be shared and witnessed here. Thus I present (as in gift, because it truly is) the “Greatest Love Song You Never Heard.”

BTW, I broke down and bought the digital copy of the song for my iTunes last night

That’s a Wrap…Now Grab Some Headphones!

You can experience this song like most of what we do here — watch the video and listen — maybe while sitting or standing in line waiting for your turn.
The Point! But Mr Pete recommended you put on headphones, close your eyes and listen… as deeply as you ever listened before.

Perhaps, take a break, and then listen again. The power of the music plus lyrics… that combination, is worth experiencing and then pondering.

This song hit Mr Pete. It had me wowed. How ‘bout you?


About Mr Pete
A music aficionado, Mr. Pete’s mind and ears have no horizons. He has the uncanny ability to suss out the right song for the right time — a skill that is truly amazing. The Gang here at Jedemi enjoys his contributions.

Bonus Tracks…

First some Black Pumas as a point of reference. It is their Colors – GRAMMYs Performance.

And for those of you who are curious, “The” Spotify Playlist referenced above. It’s over two hours of music, so settle in and enjoy when the mood hits.

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