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With the release of the first of what should be many expressions of the Jedemi Chronicles, we’ve been pondering how to explain what we perceive to be the end game here.

For sure, we can tell that a lot of what Jedemi is about is the discovering of interesting things that can trigger new ideas and stimulate the imagination. We are working with Annie to serve as a sort of catalyst that energizes people who then take this energy / newly found power and develop their own expressions of creativity.

Pretty cool, right?

Let’s take the discussion further. As mentioned in our What We’re Reading post, Biz Stone’s book is in the rotation.


Biz’s Bird book.

On page 106, he wrote the following:

“… This would be our next lesson – the biggest that Twitter had to offer: even the simplest tools can empower people to do great things.”

Aha, indeed!

He further stated how he made the shift from talking about Twitter technology to celebrating the amazing things people were doing with it.

For sure, those types of stories would blow away “tech-chat” (no offense, Tommie!).

What Biz and his Bird seem to be telling us at the Cafe is something Frankie has been saying all along — what interests people most is people.  And if a person tells a story (in whatever format they can best express themselves ) that resonates and inspires someone to go off and think creatively that’s a great thing. The simplest tool in this case is the imagination which exists within all of us.

So maybe that’s where Jedemi fits in. First as a place where stories are told and connections are made. Then, where we celebrate the stories and expressions of creativity that have been triggered either directly or indirectly from an encounter with Jedemi that put the idea, energy & power cycle in motion.

Those celebrations can appear here at Jedemi, or through the various social sites (Pinterest, FaceBook, Twitter) where ideas can be easily exchanged at a moment’s notice.

We see the end game being that a lot more happy, energized people are walking around smiling and encouraging others to be fulfilled through their own expressions of creativity.

So that’s our Sunday Musing. AWSI, a lot more smiley, happy people will be wandering the earth if we all embrace the idea, energy & power mindset that we will be promoting here at Jedemi.JedemIEP2

You in? Please use this hashtag (#JedemIEP) so we can find your expressions of creativity.


Dossie & the Gang

Joey insisted we include this:

From "Mind of the Maker"

From “Mind of the Maker”


Now here’s some Pharrell HappyIEP to get you going. Enjoy!

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