Sunday Session: 23 Feb 14

The Sunday Session is like a verbal jam session which has been captured in Final Draft and then pasted into a post. Enjoy!–ed FRANNIE Looks like a beautiful morning. Let’s head to the roof and hang for a while. DOSSIE Sounds good to me. Can’t beat this kind of weather… more »

AWSI: Inspired by a Railroad?

Tommie brought this to our attention.  The USA Olympic hockey team (men and women) has a logo on its uniform that looked really, really familiar.  So he did some digging. According to the Union Pacific website, its shield is “one of the nation’s most respected and recognized corporate logos; a… more »

Legos are Ready for Their Close-Up…

Heading into the weekend, we were drawn to a story about “The Lego Movie” that appeared in The Wall Street Journal. When we saw the television ad for it, we laughed because we figured it was just a 90-commercial for Legos appearing in a slow month (February). However, the article… more »

It’s a Wonderful Mystery…

The headline read, “Is Seneca Falls, N.Y., a ‘Wonderful’ site?”  There are folks who strongly believe that George Bailey, the lead in Frank Capra’s “It’s a Wonderful Life,” lived in this quaint upstate New York town.  Well, according to our mate, it’s “non importa.” Frankie had just started Liberty Films… more »

AWSI: Hoping To Compete; HTC Tries to Stay Relevant

This post has been in various stages of writing since the Robert Downey Jr. ads showed up. The focus seems to be on making the name HTC memorable — “It’s anything you want it to be,” we’re told.   So we’re given possibilities that include: Humungous Tinfoil Catamaran Hot Tea Catapult… more »