Bud’s Fetching Clydesdale Tops Most Liked Ad List…

According to a survey conducted by The Nielsen Company, the Budweiser Clydesdale ad where the horse fetches a large tree, topped the list of “Top 10 Most Liked Commercials” and “Top 10 Most-Recalled TV Commercials” for 2009. The survey covered January through November 2009 and is heavily weighted towards ones… more »

Large Washer is Good – New LG Ad Campaign

The email blast had this headline, “LG Looms Large” followed by a tease about a giant bra. I’ll admit that had me scratching my head. In my mind, LG was a manufacturer of some snazzy phones — like the superphone unveiled last week at CES called the non-memorable (and not… more »

Kudos to The Sun v4.0!

MocoNews had a post that highlighted a really clever ad that a UK paper, The Sun, did as part of its 40 years in business celebration.  It is fun to watch and makes some interesting points about being a great handheld — a play off the gadgets (iPhone, BlackBerry, Droid,… more »

There’s a Map for That (Updated)… Verizon’s Swipe at Apple

I was aware of the ad campaign where Verizon was touting how its coverage was better than AT&T’s. To me, it was a total “duh!” because my friends who have iPhones have been complaining big time about AT&T.

Trying to be like the Cool Kids: Give Microsoft an E for Effort…

Remember just over a year ago, when Microsoft’s attempt at being cool involved running ads that featured Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates shopping at a discount shoe store? The word pleather sticks in my mind… and I guess that’s appropriate since that word describes fake leather (actually it is a… more »