Like ringtones for hybrids… Boosting awareness the techie way

What’s your hybrid sound like? That’s the question that Max asks in the “Jetta TDI Meets Prius” Volkswagen commercial. Max is referring to the fact that the Prius lacks a cool sound.  Coolness seems to be the least of its problems.  As far as the safety experts are concerned, a… more »

From Target to 7-Eleven, Domo Delights in State-side Appearances

Meet Domo. The brown lumpy character, mascot of Japan’s giant public television and radio broadcasting organization NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation in English), is now appearing at 7-Eleven stores near you. As strange as it may seem, it isn’t too far of a stretch to get to how Domo ended up… more »

Eye-catching Ad & an Inside Joke

I was watching the Sunday Night Football match-up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the San Diego Chargers when a commercial caught my eye. Mind you, I tend not to pay too much attention to commercials during regular season games, so for me to stop and rewind my TiVo was a… more »

Who is that Guy and Why Should I Care?

During a commercial break between the games I was watching (bouncing between football and baseball) an ad caught my eye. Not because it was particularly well done or funny. I watched a guy in a suit walking around talking about car stuff (clearly I wasn’t paying too close attention), and… more »

Is it Monday yet? — ESPN and W+K Create Engaging Ad for Monday NIght Football

If you see someone standing in front of a storefront window, jumping around and maybe yelling “oh yeah!” to no one in particular, there’s no need to cross the street or completely avoid eye contact. Especially if it is a Monday… You can count on ESPN’s series of “Is it… more »