Super Bowl Ad Watch: Kia Toys…

From cute hamsters to cute toys. Kia has a new ad timed for the Super Bowl, “Joy Ride” that features a cast of characters that are life size toys. The promo is for the 2011 Sorento SUV.

Super Bowl Ad Watch: EA Can’t Say “Go to Hell!”

Electronic Arts (EA) has a new video game coming out on Tuesday, February 9, called Dante’s Inferno which really IS based on The Divine Comedy: Hell by Dante Alighieri. To promote it, on Super Bowl Sunday, EA is running an ad to invite 100 million football fans to join Dante… more »

Super Bowl Ad Watch: Dockers & Shazam

If you’ve got an iPhone, you can engage with a particular Super Bowl ad on an entirely new level. According to MediaPost write-up, there will be an ad for Dockers (first appearance during the Super Bowl since 2002) where viewers who use the Shazam app will be taken to a… more »

Super Bowl Ad Watch: Go Daddy Does it Again

The CEO and Founder of, Bob Parsons, has to be having a chuckle over this one. Traction gained from banned ad is priceless.

Off the Wall Jeans – Sony’s Up-cycling Project

The Creativity Online website just posted a story about Sony’s Recycle Project Jeans. In brief, what Sony did was take outdoor banners that had been used for ad campaigns and turned them into jeans which they then sold by displaying them on the side of the Sony building in Tokyo…. more »