Bubbly Milk !? Coca-Cola Testing in NYC

It’s been referred to as tasting “like a birthday party for a polar bear.” That could be appropriate considering the Coca-Cola’s history of incorporating polar bears in their advertising. According to two different reports, it looks like Coca-Cola is hoping a new fizzy milk drink could become a hit with… more »

Fun, Food, King: Having it Your Way at BK.com

The Wall Street Journal posted a story about Burger King’s redesigned website (www.BK.com) that caught my attention. They took all things Burger King (i.e.well-known but long-gone ads such as “Subservient Chicken,” “Whopper Freakout,” and the “Simpsonize Me” campaign) and put them all in one place. It’s like a homecoming for… more »

Look Up in the Sky… It’s a Movie Promo!!

Normally, forms of sky advertising wouldn’t be something to blog about. After all, who hasn’t spent a summer at the Shore and not seen a plane with a trailing banner (“Phil’s Bongo Room — Live Music tonight!).   But this story caught my eye. Seems that Disney/Pixar commandeered a Zeppelin… more »

Sharpie Appeals to our Inner Creative…

Last month, Sharpie started a self expression campaign to try to raise the brand’s visibility in the months outside of the “Back to School” season.

Showing Some Spunk — Palm Ad Take on Apple

On the back page of Friday’s Wall Street Journal, Palm had a full page ad that had to make Mr. Jobs uncomfortable, not to mention AT&T’s brass. “Your iPhone contract is up. Perfect timing” is how it leads off.  The picture of an apple core with a Palm Pre leaning… more »