Grateful Ducks — A TC Ponderable…

I remember a lot of kooky things my mother used to say to me. Even more so that I am leaving the year end holidays, and heading to her Birthday, January 10th.

“Make sure you have all your ducks in a row.”

“Patience is a virtue. Give it up for to the missions.”

“Don’t worry about me, I’m drip dry.”

When I worked on-site and in “Brick and Mortar” for many years, I used the Christmas holidays to take care of and appreciate the hard work my staff did for me. I could not do my job without them.

Even more so in 2020, since the holiday party, as we knew it, was cancelled due to the pandemic. I made sure I acknowledged all my co-workers (fellow managers too) that year with a little something, because, especially that year, we all “Need(ed) a little Christmas, right this very minute…”

Thanks to a perfectly timed jackpot at the Golden Nugget, I even gave my General Manager a bottle of Jack Daniels (which he DID NOT EXPECT!!).

Two years later, my income has been cut, along with face-to-face contact with co-workers. The only people I had constant contact were the slew of medical care professionals that have been helping me with my recovery.

With the assistance of one of my East Coast siblings, who have discovered the joys of the Oriental Trading Company, got me hooked up with 3 dozen rubber ducks.

Ducks in a Row…

In the month of December, I distributed them to my crew, and told the story of my Mom, and how she wanted to make sure everyone had all their “Ducks in a row”. Following the lead of my other East Coast sibling who distributed ducks to the Covid Vaccine staff at the Convention Center. MY duckies made their Vegas debut at the Doctor’s office.

The response was wonderful. Heartwarming… Smile inducing… and wonderful!

The Wrap…

Through the ducks, and some like minded siblings, the words and memories of my Mom live on. In time for her birthday on January 10th. This will do since I cannot go to her supermarket of choice, ShopRite, on her birthday, during the infamous Can Can Sale.

Thanks for reading (and watching)! -TC


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Bonus Track:

Editor’s Note: Our mother was charmed by these Peabody ducks. Enjoy!

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