Shirts Off for Southwest’s Bags Fly Free Ad

If you watched any of the March Madness NCAA basketball games, you mostly had a chance to view a very delightful ad that Southwest was running to promote their “Bags Fly Free” policy. It is rare for me to call something delightful, but this one was clever and brilliant and… more »

Mad Men Barbie Dolls?

According to a story by Stuart Elliott of The New York Times, Mattel has plans to add “Mad Men” inspired Barbie and Ken dolls to their line.  He said it was “a promotion for the television series as well as for Barbie.” Now before you go off wondering if little… more »

Schools to Teach Critical Thinking with Movies

The program should help kids manage and decode the barrage of visual information they absorb in daily life, to “shape their minds to a critical way of looking at these images and what they mean, and how to interpret them…

Just Say No to Embargoes…

In the PR Industry there is the concept of embargo, which basically means that you can pre-brief a journalist or blogger on a topic with the intent of getting them to write a story that coincides with the press release hitting the wire… but NOT before. Embargoes are painfully annoying…. more »

Quacking up on Wall Street…

On Thursday, Wall Street ducked… er… not exactly. Rather, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) had its closing bell quacked by the AFLAC duck. Why? Because, believe it or not, it is the spokeduck’s 10th birthday and the supplemental insurance company’s 55th year in business. Timed for this occasion, AFLAC’s… more »