Super Bowl Ad Watch: Go Daddy Does it Again

The CEO and Founder of, Bob Parsons, has to be having a chuckle over this one. Traction gained from banned ad is priceless.

Ready for your Click Moment? Check out this LEGO App…

The LEGO Group recently unveiled an app in the iTunes Store called LEGO Photo that is designed to take any photo you have stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch and give it a brick makeover. The app has a supplemental website called which wants to be a sort… more »

Origins of Jedemi – One in a Series

The other day it crossed my mind that I should provide some background on how my Jedemi project came about.  It’s been years in the making.   In fact, I tied the beginning to the purchase of my first Jeep in June 1993.  But really, the seeds were planted long… more »

Large Washer is Good – New LG Ad Campaign

The email blast had this headline, “LG Looms Large” followed by a tease about a giant bra. I’ll admit that had me scratching my head. In my mind, LG was a manufacturer of some snazzy phones — like the superphone unveiled last week at CES called the non-memorable (and not… more »

The Importance of Play…

I just came across an Op-Ed piece (The New York Times Sunday Opinion) by Alison Gopnik that I had saved from August titled, “Your Baby Is Smarter Than You Think.” As I reread it, I smiled. There are some really good points and those points reminded me of something we… more »