When Smoking & Ads Ruled…

I recently came upon a Packaging Digest story that referenced a Flintstones commercial for Winston cigarettes.  I guess that shouldn’t be too surprising now that we’ve been exposed to AMC’s Mad Men where smoking was pretty much ubiquitous at the offices of Sterling Cooper (circa 1960).  The Flintstones (1960-1966), much… more »

Target NYC Billboards to be “Upcycled” into Anna Sui bags

Target has just transformed its iconic Times Square billboards into an artistic homage to New York City with the unveiling of larger-than-life commissioned works from emerging artists. The billboards, which will remain on display through the end of October, are slated to take on a second life after their run… more »

Not that Papa?!?

When I first heard about Beard Papa and saw the logo, I was wondering if there was a Hemingway connection. “Totally unrelated,” I was told. Humm…  Clearly, I  needed to do some Google research to find out the real scoop.

MetsSloppily: Board Game that’s Spot on…

As if being a New York Mets fan this year isn’t sad enough, while perusing the Weekend section of The Wall Street Journal this morning, I almost spewed my coffee when I came upon this: MetsSloppily.

I’m a Mac Continues to Amaze…

Peter Kafka, in his Media Memo post for All Things Digital, had a funny story about the new Apple “I’m a Mac” ad that throws Patrick Warburton, best known as “Puddy” on “Seinfeld” into the mix as the “Top of the line PC.”