The Importance of Play…

I just came across an Op-Ed piece (The New York Times Sunday Opinion) by Alison Gopnik that I had saved from August titled, “Your Baby Is Smarter Than You Think.” As I reread it, I smiled. There are some really good points and those points reminded me of something we… more »

Behind the Scenes: Dancing with Sousaphones…

There was a very interesting story in The New York Times that delved a bit behind the scenes of two marching bands: the Human Jukebox of Southern University and the Ohio State University Marching Band. One of the things the article talked about how “the pageantry and power that a… more »

Gap’s Happy Whateveryouwannakah Ad is Cheery and Fun

Updated (originally published Nov 16) The Gap has packaged up the spirit of the ad campaign and taken it on the road.  Per a story appearing in MediaPost,  a dozen professional dancers and drummers have hit the road as part of the Gap’s traveling cheer squad. “The company says the… more »

There’s a Map for That (Updated)… Verizon’s Swipe at Apple

I was aware of the ad campaign where Verizon was touting how its coverage was better than AT&T’s. To me, it was a total “duh!” because my friends who have iPhones have been complaining big time about AT&T.

Muppets do Queen’s Rhapsody

It’s All Thing’s Digital’s Kara Swisher who we need to thank for this one. In her pre-Thanksgiving post, she pointed out that on YouTube, there is a video of the Muppets doing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.