GSP Does Chicken Right…

Goodby Silverstein & Partners (GSP) scored big time during the 2010 Super Bowl with its “Screamin’ Chicken” ads for Denny’s.  A story appearing on Monday in The Wall Street Journal said, “A Denny’s commercial, in which chickens scream in terror at the thought of the eggs needed to support the… more »

Super Bowl: Who Dat at Halftime?

Just remembered an excellent segment from the Animaniacs that is quite appropriate for the Super Bowl halftime show. ###

Super Bowl Ad Watch: Kia Toys…

From cute hamsters to cute toys. Kia has a new ad timed for the Super Bowl, “Joy Ride” that features a cast of characters that are life size toys. The promo is for the 2011 Sorento SUV.

Super Bowl Ad Watch: EA Can’t Say “Go to Hell!”

Electronic Arts (EA) has a new video game coming out on Tuesday, February 9, called Dante’s Inferno which really IS based on The Divine Comedy: Hell by Dante Alighieri. To promote it, on Super Bowl Sunday, EA is running an ad to invite 100 million football fans to join Dante… more »

Super Bowl Ad Watch: Dockers & Shazam

If you’ve got an iPhone, you can engage with a particular Super Bowl ad on an entirely new level. According to MediaPost write-up, there will be an ad for Dockers (first appearance during the Super Bowl since 2002) where viewers who use the Shazam app will be taken to a… more »